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Project highlights: A modern, light-weight, self-contained, web-based toolset for Subversion repository browsing and administration.  A live system can be seen in action here.

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Description Automated notifications and discussions of the projects reported issues/artifacts and changes made to issues/artifacts.
Email address issues@insurrection.tigris.org
Web URL http://insurrection.tigris.org/ds/viewForumSummary.do?dsForumId=3030
Created by mksoft 2008-12-02 00:02:07 PST
Moderated by mksoft
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[Issue 3] New - ++ in folder name is not browsed pdonzel Pascal Donzel 1 (0 recent) 2008-02-18 04:09:09 PST
[Issue 2] New - Provide documentation moinefou Pierre Thierry 1 (0 recent) 2005-10-19 02:54:50 PDT
[Issue 1] New - ALT should not be used for tooltips niqueco Nicolás Lichtmaier 1 (0 recent) 2005-05-04 13:19:14 PDT
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